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Export Cement / Microsilica
2019-05-13 02:57:16
Dear Sir or Madam,

Respectfully, claims that this company has a history about 30 years in the field of industrial and building equipment. Meanwhile this company is active in Serbia &Iran .

The importing of products will be by us and so exporting of products to all world. Our products are sold as a wholesale, also our activities are in industrial spare parts like machine spare parts, Cutting and Grinding wheels, ball Bearing, Roller chains, Twist drill bits, HAND TAPS and Machines TAPS AND DIE, Hoists and Cranes, screwdriver Bits, and exporting Polymer powder based on vinyl acetate and ethylene, Adhesive, MICROSILICA, CEMENT and etc... .

We can sell you our Cements and microsilica the best prices with best quality and we can deliver to Tashkent customs.

We are interesting good and long time cooperation with you in Uzbekistan.

If you are interesting for cooperation with us please let me know which grade of Cement and microsilica you need?

Best Regards
Sharei Trading Co.
Hani Sharei


Number 11, gate 1, 4 block, avenue shahrak omid street tehranpars, Tehran – Iran .

Tell : +98-(0)21770432639

Mob: +98-(0)9194228708
г. Ташкент, Яккасарайский район,
ул. У. Насыра, туп. Салар-2
Тел./факс: +998 71 250 32 48
E-mail: info@bqs.uz
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